• This class is for those personnel wishing to complete the N.F.P.A. Rope Rescue Technician level according to standards1670 & Rope Rescue Level II in 1006 6.2.5-6.2.6.
  • The class will “put to the test” all of the skills and knowledge that students have learned in previous courses in order to perform multiple rope rescue scenarios.
  • Students will build and operate several different types of Highlines and Pendulum techniques which all could be utilized for water rescue, confined space rescue, cave rescue, tower rescue, trench rescue, industrial rescue and mountain rescue, just to name a few.
  • Every day will be a new site which could include water falls, mountainous terrain, caves or buildings.
  • A letter of confirmation will be e-mailed or mailed upon registration & payment.



Pre-Requisites: Must have passed Rope Rescue Operations within the past 2 years



·         A Certificate of completion from, Progressive Rescue Solutions, Inc...

·         A Certificate of completion from, the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads, (TARS) Rescue College

·         1 C.E.U. for EMS personnel by TARS

Class Hours:
Thursday-Sunday 8AM-5PM EST
 Lodging: Free @ Signal Mountain, TN. Site.
Cost: $500.00 registered & paid 2 months prior to 
         class date
         $595.00 Regular Fee

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Registration: Please click here for registration and payment options.

Should your department need on- site training and something specific for your jurisdiction we will travel.

Please contact Pat Wagner